Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins to fill your geeky hearts content.

You probably came here because you're just like us here at Cheeky Chops.

You’re a bit of a geek, you love anything a bit quirky, and you’re incredibly passionate about the things you love.

You want to wear things that show the world that you’re different, unique and that show off your fandoms. That means you need fun items that are exclusive, locally designed and made right here in Australia.

You’ll be the only one at the party who is wearing that outfit and you want it to turn heads and start conversations. You love making connections based off the loves you show off with your clothes, your enamel pins, the accessories you make! These enamel pins will certainly help make your outfits all that bit more unique! 

Smaug Enamel Pin

Smaug Enamel Pin


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